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Friday, April 23, 2010 |9:17 AM

back to posting. precious ask me post. haha. IFD my class came in first for girl's captain ball. boys, they lost but had fun. xD great matches. oppenent is strong indeed but the boys kept playing on. this few days weather very hot so i kana abit fever. headache n sore throat too. shall go slp nw cos tmr gt class outing. goodnight!xD


Monday, April 19, 2010 |8:28 AM

hello. when was the last time i post? i think very long liao. precious force me to post. LOL.
ok la. post about ytd n today lor.

woke up at 11+ to prepare for outing with Serena, YanTing & Kelly toktok!xD met them at plaza around 3.30pm then went up to play pool. Serena just started play & kelly played a few times nia so the way they play v cute. HAHA! play alot of round la and we took photos too!xD

so fun man! after that, we went dhoby ghaut to have dinner! Serena gt thing on then went off. Kelly and YanTing treated me to a korean food so yummy. hehe. wish cn go out wif them often.

now for today, sch same la. was messaging precious all the way during sch. xD recess time play basket ball hit tio my hand now big tumb cnt move like normal. fk up. after sch went band but my tumb cnt reach the triger key la. in the end, have to force my tumb to reach it if nt v hard to play. hope cn get well soon be4 concert. after tt went home wif edmund song. HAHA. he so funny la. no 'picture' cnt play well. LOL. after dinner at home, head down to 433 to do homework wif michelle. so long nv c her le man, while doing my work, chat on phone wif precious. she dam cute la, keep making sound. lols. in the end found out i no notebk cnt do homework. fk up. 10+ went home then tt the end of my story. nxt up, slp!xD
byebye. will try post often!xD


Monday, March 29, 2010 |4:46 AM

16 years of new year always filled with wonderful foods. Sadly, this year is the last year i'm gonna have delicious foods made by my 3rd grand aunt. Goodbye 3rd grand aunt. Will miss your delicious foods you always prepared for everyone. The peanut paste you always made for me cause you remember that i love it. :) Many times i want to tell you 'thank you'. Many times i want to tell you that i love you. Now there's no more chance for me to tell you how grateful i am to have such a great grand aunt like you. I will remember you always. Leave in peace. A special place in my heart will always be for you, the best 3rd grand aunt i ever had. I love you.

With love,
Your grand newphew,
Edmund Tan.Y.L


Farewell WangYing.
Friday, January 22, 2010 |10:50 PM

yesterday school dismiss early. after school went compass wif MichelleLim, Daryl & Douglas to eat Mac. We had 5 fries, 5 drinks and one extra burger. All thanks to Douglas.xD He went to the counter to take his food first because he was too hungry & the cashier never saw him. When the cashier come back, he saw one set haven't take then he went to take another set. LOL!

we had that much of fries too eat. WAH~ super full man.
After that, I went home to bathe and change clothes cause i going Rachel house meet then go CityHall find classmate. When me and Jason reach Rachel's house at around 3, her dog came charging at us barking. We got scared by her dog. Rachel told us to go in and promise us it won't bite so we went in. Her house is sooo BIG! Bigger than mine la~x.x We sat at her house rot till 4-5+ then WangYing came. She was fucking scared of the dog that Rachel's grandfather had to hold on to the dog to let WangYing RUN in. Rachel and WangYing then went inside Rachel's room to put make up and left me & Jason to rot outside and play with the doggy. Btw, the dog name is HONG BAO! Haha. Rachel told me that they name the dog Hong Bao is because it was born during new year! Haha. Hong Bao is 2years old and it's a male. Rachel's grandfather told us not to be scared of Hong Bao cause the more scared we are, the more Hong Bao will bark at us. Played with HongBao till 5.30+ then Rachel pull me in her room and kept asking me how she look. All i say was Ok, Good, Nice. LOL! But Rachel dislike the makeup WangYing help her put so she went to the toilet to wash away everything. Then she went back to put makeup till 6+ then we left her house and cab down. Met everyone at CityLink Mall Thai Express there then we headed down to the Singapore Flyer. Went to a fast food resturant called Popeye to eat. Me ,Rachel & Verriona never eat so we outside to walk. We sat down at a place somewhere near the sea and the girls decide to take pics together so i join-ed in. HAHA. Rachel then left at 8 cause she going celebrate her audi friend de birthday. The rest of my classmate went to play true or dare but me & CheeCheng never play cause i hate that game & CheeCheng say very bored. They play till 9+ then all started to leave. WeiSheng, ChunYang , Emily & me then cab home as it's already quite late le. Ok, quite long le. Time for pictures.


Friday, January 8, 2010 |8:14 PM

thought you like me. thought i can make you mine. thought i can hold on to you till death do us part. i never fear losing you before but now, every second i fear losing you. you always say i'm the best. is that a lie? i always thought you like me. but my dream of being with you crushed when you told me that you maybe like another guy. you even said you're saying his name out of suddenly. this changes that "maybe" into "really", you really like another guy. i dreamt of you being with that guy & i die on the spot. "Man killed by love?" if you don't like me in the first place, why must you say you miss me. whenever i scroll down to that message, i feel like killing myself for being such a fool. i'm happy cause you smiled at me. but this days.. you don't really smile at me anymore. i just feel like i'm back to my old self. the old self that scold people & beat people. the old self that always have a angry face. the old self that don't joke or talk to anyone. the old self that the teachers all hate. the old self that would ruin my life FOREVER. a U-Turn sign show up in my path of life. maybe by now, i walk pass the sign. maybe by now, i already give up loving you. give up trusting you. ask me who i love now and i will tell you, "nobody". i hate that i love you so. maybe some day, i'll go tattoo the word HATRED. reminding me not to love you again.